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Palestine/Anderson County Amateur Radio Club – K5PAL

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The regular monthly meeting of the PALESTINE/ANDERSON COUNTY AMATEUR RADIO CLUB - K5PAL was called to order at 7:00pm Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 by President Charles McReynolds, W5IAK. This was not a Dinner Meeting. Gary Grimes, W5GEG, led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance. There were seventeen (16) members and two (3) guests, for total of nineteen (19) persons present.


The Minutes and Treasurers Reports were posted from the last monthly meeting.  The current Treasury Balance is $1898.92


There were two applications for membership, Sandra Grimes, KG5SIR, and Chris Claytor, KG5ZFQ, both of whom were accepted by the membership.


NET CONTROL                   



                                July 2nd                    Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                                        

                                July 9th                 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                July 16th               Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW                       

                             July 23rd              Tom Wardell, KB5YUE

                                July 30th               Bob Dyer, WB5EAT                   



Monthly Speaker:  Tom Wardell gave a presentation on his ARES workbook. Anyone interested will be able to obtain a copy and we will attempt to put it on the PACARC .org website.



                Bob Dyer, WB5EAT, is working on DMR, FLDigi, and is monitoring shortwave broadcasts.

                Tom Wardell, KB5YUE, is working on DMR and caring for the grandkids. He’s living at the Athletic Complex it seems.

                Alan Wacha, KD5IZV, supplied the club with a Dayton Hamvention report from Xenia .

                Manny Perez, KE5YBA, is in process of changing out the coax on his antennas.

                Rob Hord, KG5HUA, is monitoring HF with his shortwave SDR dongle and enjoying it.

                Sandy Grimes, KG5SIR, is working on her extra class license.

                Gary Grimes, W5GEG, purchased the new BaoFeng DMR portable and is enjoying getting it on the air.

                Chris Claytor, KG5ZFQ, earned his Technician license last month and is working on his General. He purchased two Yaesu FT-1500 radios and one will go in the mobile and one in a go-box.

                Joe Blaha, KA5IRR, used two window screens to participate in the K0S Strange Antenna Challenge.

                Larry Davis, KB5JHW, Replaced the rope on his 40m dipole after it being up for about 20 years.  

                Sharon Davie, KB5KQL, just renewed her RACES license.

                Dorthe Burris, W5EPE, is getting back into ham radio after being out for several years. Dorthe renewed here membership in PACARC.

                John Gleason, KF5FXD, continues to have good luck with the EFHW antenna he put up last month.

                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK, participated in the K0S Strange Antenna Challenge with a vertical but did not have the success he was hoping for but will work on it for next year.

                Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD, participated in the K0S Strange Antenna Challenge with a extension ladder vertical , with a step ladder counterpoise and was able to work several stations including the NA6SA NASA special event station in California .




                  ARES:  Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD, reported there were no ARES activities this month.


                VE:  Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD reported that there would be a one day class on 16th of June. Tom Wardell, KB5YUE, has posted this opportunity on the Facebook page and several flyers have been distributed around the area. Jeff announced the class several times on the KNET morning show and let the Anderson County EMC know of the class to let the VFDs know. We still need all VEs who are available to help as we hope to offer all license class tests.


                BUILDING MAINTENANCE: Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK, reported mowing the lawn and that the lawnmower is running well. He mowed last month and again a couple of days ago. Charlie reported on the May 19th clean-up day where he, Jeff, Rob and LaRue were able to complete the tree trimming and debris removal on the Easy Street side of the back yard. Please continue to help clean up the clubhouse after the meetings.


                FIELD DAY: Bob Dyer, WB5EAT, reported on Field Day which will be on the weekend of June 23rd and 24th this year. This year’s event will be held at Dogwood Park on Manley Mountain at the picnic area. He will be in contact with the appropriate commissioner to secure permission to be there overnight as we have been in the past.   


                TUESDAY PROJECT NIGHT:  Project Night meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month.  On May 8th, Jeff, Rob, Gary, and Charlie were present and discussed house maintenance, DMR, and programming Charlie’s new Chinese radio. On May 22nd, Jeff, Bob, Rob, and Charlie met and discussed FSQ contacts with FLDigi and got several laptops connecting together.


OLD BUSINESS:  Picnic in the Park was not held May 27th, either on the hill or at Whataburger because frankly, “Life got in the way” and no one was able to attend. The next PITP will be Sunday, June 24th, the second day of ARRL Summer Field Day. Charlie reported on the audit and that Tom Wardell, KB5YUE, was unable to attend on May 19th, but Rob  Hord, KG5HUA and LaRue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW were able to complete the annual audit The committee checked the inventory and signed off that all was present or accounted for.  Charlie reiterated that the board agreed to keep the dues the same at $25 per person for the 2018-2019 club year. Elections were held and the slate is, for President, Charles McReynolds, W5IAK. For Vice President, Joe Blaha, Ka5IRR, and Tom Wardell, KB5YUE. For Secretary/ Treasurer, Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD. Since the only contested race was for Vice President, ballots were issued and the new officer is Tom Wardell, KB5YUE. Annual Dues are now due and will be past due in July. It was reported that Roberta Blount, KF5RIX, widow of Don Blount, KF5CDV, is not quite ready for help distributing Don’s radio gear at this time.


NEW BUSINESS:  Bob Dyer, WB5EAT, announced that the Thursday night CW Class Net would be discontinued on the 147.080 machine. There may be some sporadic code practice on the 147.140 machine between he and Charlie McReynolds.





Hamcom will again be in Plano Event Center June 8th through the 10th.


ARRL Field Day will be the weekend of June 23rd  locally at Dogwood Park .


Harvey Houses On The Air, is always on the second Saturday of September which will be September 8th this year.


Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD, reported that club patches are available at $3.00 each.


The Next Meeting will be held July 3rd , 2018, and will be a Hamburger Dinner meeting.

A motion was made by Larry Davis, KB5JHW, and seconded by Joe Blaha, KA5IRR, to adjourn the meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm



Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

Secretary/Treasurer 2017-2018       




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