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The regular monthly meeting of the PALESTINE/ANDERSON COUNTY AMATEUR RADIO CLUB - K5PAL was called to order at 7:00pm Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 by President Charles McReynolds, W5IAK. This was not a Dinner Meeting. Alan Wacha, KD5IZV, led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance. There were eleven (11) members and one (1) guest, for total of twelve (12) persons present.


The Minutes and Treasurers Reports were posted from the last monthly meeting.  The current Treasury Balance is $2074.92


There were no applications for membership.



NET CONTROL                   



                                January 7th              Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                                     

                                January 14th            Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                January 21st              Joe Blaha, KA5IRR

                             January 28th             Bob Dyer, WB5EAT



Monthly Speaker:  None this meeting.





                Bob Dyer, WB5EAT, is working on reprogramming his FT-2800 radios.

                Alan Wacha, KD5IDV, installed a new mobile antenna and is using his new antenna analyzer.

                Ken Ives, N5LUD, is rebuilding his 10 meter antenna.

                Manny Perez, KE5YBA, is working on a new shortwave listening antenna.

                Joe Blaha, KA5IRR, picked up two new handheld radios for a great price at the Kilgore tailgate sale he attended with Jeff, WB4WXD. He is also working HF.




                  ARES:  Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD, reported the new DMR repeater now has Brandmeister talk group, 310009 which connects to our local talk group 9 on time slot 2.


                VE:  Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD reported there were no VE activities this month and encouraged all needing and upgrade or a new license to contact him to make that happen.


                BUILDING MAINTENANCE: Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK, reported no mowing of the lawn was needed this month. Manny reported on getting supplies to fix the gap between the back door and the floor and asked for assistance. This quick project will be done after the club meeting tonight.


                FIELD DAY: Tom Wardell, KB5YUE, was not able to report on the upcoming Winter Field Day, the last full weekend in January, which will be January 26th and 27th 2019, because of family commitments. But Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK, reported that the event will be held on Tom’s family property as a primary location and at Charlie’s pecan orchard or Dogwood Hills Baptist Church as backup locations if needed. There will be maps produced to get people to whichever location is finalized.


                TUESDAY PROJECT NIGHT:  Project Night meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month. Project Night attendance has been slowing down so members are encouraged to attend and submit ideas to talk about and work on. There were no project nights held in November. The December meeting will be the 11th and there will not be one on the 4th Tuesday because it falls on Christmas Day.


OLD BUSINESS:  Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD, reported that Picnic-In-The-Park, (PITP), was held November 25th with Charlie McReynolds, Larue Fitzpatrick, and Jeff and Cindy Montgomery attending. The weather was really nice this time. The next PITP is scheduled for Sunday, December 30th. Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD reported that the city of Palestine has determined their new water and sewer rates, and they have gone up approximately $6.30 a month. The discussion of whether or not the club will want to discontinue water and sewer service will be held at the January meeting. Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK, reported on the Fairfield State Park Frostbite Campout that was the weekend of November 10th and 11th. The turnout was light with only one trailer and that one was his and Dorothy’s. Jeff and Cindy Montgomery came for the chili cook-off and brought Kiddie the dog. The two entries were both great in their own ways so the contest ended in a tie. Thoughts for future fall campouts will be discussed and perhaps will be moved to a one day format closer to Palestine so more are able to attend. Charlie also reported on the Christmas party which will be on December 6th at Pronto’s. The price will be the same as last year and the entrée choices will be lasagna or chicken fried steak with all the trimmings. The club members voted on the Ham of the Year award the Elmer of the Year awards which will be presented at the club Christmas party. Joe Blaha, KA5IRR and Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD, reported on the Kilgore tailgate sale and described the East Texas Museum of Broadcasting as a wonderful place for hams to visit. It was suggested that this might be an ideal location for a club field trip in the future. December 1st was Skywarn Recognition day. John Gleason, KF5FXD, reported on working special event station W4F in Pennsylvania . Jeff Montgomery received information that a check for $80 was in the mail for the tubes we sent down to Belton. The vendor is interested in any more we might have available. The suggestion floated last month for the club to consider selling some of the older club radios and accessories and using the proceeds to buy a small modern radio such as the Icom IC-7300, to be put in a go-box for emergency usage, will be discussed more fully after the beginning of the year. One member has expressed interest in the Heathkit SB-200 if the club decides to part with it.


NEW BUSINESS:  Since the January club meeting will fall on New Year’s Day, a motion was made, seconded and approved that the January meeting will be moved to the 8th of January which is the second Tuesday of that month.





Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD, reported that club patches are available at $3.00 each.


The Next Meeting will be held January 8th, 2018, and Will be a Pizza Dinner meeting. This is the 2nd Tuesday in January.


A motion was made by Dorothy McReynolds, W5DJM and seconded by Alan Wacha, KD5IZV, to adjourn the meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm



Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

Secretary/Treasurer 2018-2019       




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