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The regular monthly meeting of the PALESTINE/ANDERSON COUNTY AMATEUR RADIO CLUB - K5PAL was called to order at 7:00pm Tuesday December 5th, 2017 by President Charles McReynolds, W5IAK. This was not a Dinner Meeting. Joe Blaha, KA5IRR, led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance. There were eleven (11) members and no (0) guests, for total of eleven (11) persons present.  


The Minutes and Treasurers Reports were posted from the last monthly meeting.  The current Treasury Balance is $2236.30


There were no applications for membership presented.


NET CONTROL                   



                                January 1st              Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                                     

                                January 8th              Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                January 15th            Joe Blaha, KA5IRR              

                             January 22nd           Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                January 29th            Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


Monthly Speaker:  There was not a speaker this month.



                Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD, reported on his new homebrew 80-10 End Fed Half Wave Antenna and using it in Dogwood park on the voice, digital and Winlink modes.

                Bob Dyer, WB5EAT, reported working on getting RMS express going on his computers.

                Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK, reported on his new Icom IC-7200 coming in and he is awaiting the arrival of the MFJ 939I tuner to go with it.




                  ARES:  Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD, reported that the annual Skywarn Appreciation Day was December 2nd, and ARRL ARES used a lot of Winlink for the Puerto Rico assistance. ARES members should consider adding this capability to their capacities if possible.


                VE:  Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD reported there were no VE sessions or One Day Classes in November. He reminded those present that if anyone is ready for an upgrade, to let the VE team know and a session would be scheduled to accommodate them. The club continues to look forward to Emaleigh getting ready for her Technician test.


                BUILDING MAINTENANCE: Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK, reported not having to mow the lawn. He said that since we have not had much rain, the lawn has not grown that much.  He reiterated from last month that the tree on the outside of the north fence has fallen down almost into the street so another workday will be scheduled. He reported on the mound of dirt that turned up on the last project night under the Secretary’s chair and how it turned out to be fire ants who had worked their way under the slab to a hole that was caused by our big lightning strike a few years ago. He found the rest of the mound on the outside of the club where the dirt had come up over the slab. Charlie hoed back the outside mound and filled the inside crack with concrete leveler and hopes that cures the problem.


                FIELD DAY: Bob Dyer, WB5EAT, reported that Winter Field WILL be held and Dogwood Park the last full weekend in January. He stated that the rules will be mailed out to club members via the club email account. There is a Winter Field Day Facebook page for anyone interested to see what the national organization is doing. Locally, we hope to have more solar cooking demonstrations.


                TUESDAY PROJECT NIGHT:  Project Night meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month.  Since there was a scheduling change for another group which several club members attend, the project night dates were changed to the 3rd and 4th Tuesday nights for the month of November and December. Attendees to the 3rd Tuesday were Bob, Rob, Charlie and Jeff. Topics of discussion were RMS Express and replacing the cooling fan in an MFJ4125 switching power supply. Attending the 4th Tuesday were Joe, Charlie and Jeff and the discussions were about interfacing the IC-7200 to computer interfaces and the anthill mound under the Secretary’s chair.


OLD BUSINESS:  Picnic in the Park was not held in November as it appears everybody forgot about it due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. The next PITP will be December 24th, either on the hill or at Whataburger depending on the weather, but due to this being Christmas Eve, it will most likely be canceled or poorly attended.  Our annual Christmas Party will be December 7th beginning at 7pm at Pronto’s restaurant. Those interesting in attending should have let Bob Dyer know by now so he could turn in the number to Pronto’s. However if you have not, Bob has been assured that there should be enough food prepared. Ham of the Year and Elmer of the Year awards will be presented at the dinner as well as door prizes provided by the club and club members. The dinner will be a choice of Chicken Fried Steak or Lasagna and will cost the same $13 plus gratuity as last year.


NEW BUSINESS:  There was no new business presented to the club at this time.




The Christmas Dinner will be December 7th at Pronto’s beginning at 7pm.


Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD, reported that club patches are available at $3.00 each.


The Next Meeting will be held January 2nd, 2018, and will be a Hamburger Dinner meeting.


A motion was made by Ken Bratz, WA5JUM, and seconded by Mike Mart, KF5HWM, to adjourn the meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 7:36 pm






Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

Secretary/Treasurer 2017-2018       




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