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Palestine/Anderson County Amateur Radio Club











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Palestine/Anderson County Amateur Radio Club – K5PAL

www.pacarc.org               P.O. Box 1376, Palestine, TX 75802              K5PAL@arrl.net




NET CONTROL     2024



                                July 1st                    Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

                                July 8th                   Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                July 15th                        Ken Vickery, KI5JRY

                                July 22nd                Chris Claytor, K5OOL

                                July 29th                 Louie Downey, AI4SW


                                June 3rd                  Ken Vickery, KI5JRY

                                June 10th                Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

                                June 17th                       Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                June 24th                Louie Downey, AI4SW



                                 May 6th                  Ken Vickery, KI5JRY

                                May 13th                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                May 20th                      Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

                                May 27th                Chris Claytor, K5OOL


                                April 1st                  Ken Vickery, KI5JRY

                                April 8th                  Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                April 15th                      Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                April 22nd                Chris Claytor, K5OOL

                                April 29th                 Louie Downey, AI4SW


                                March 4th               Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                March 11th            Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                March 18th                 Ken Vickery, KI5JRY

                                March 25th           Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                February 5th          Chris Claytor, K5OOL

                                February 12th        Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                February 19th           Louie Downey, AI4SW

                                February 26th       Ken Vickery, KI5JRY


                                 January 1st            Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                January 8th            Ken Vickery, KI5JRY

                                January 15th             Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                January 22nd        Chris Claytor, K5OOL

                                January 29th         Charles McReynolds, W5IAK


NET CONTROL     2023                                   

                                December 4th        Chris Claytor, K5OOL

                                December 11th      Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                December 18th        Louie Downey, AI4SW

                                December 23rd      Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD


                                November 6th        Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                November 13th     Ken Vickery, KI5JR

                                November 20th       Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                November 27th     Chris Claytor, K5OOL


                                October 2nd            Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                October 9th            Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                October 16th              Ken Vickery, KI5JR

                                October 23rd          Chris Claytor, K5OOL

                                October 23rd          Louie Downey, AI4SW


                                September 4th       Chris Claytor, K5OOL

                                September 11th     Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                September 18th      Ken Vickery, KI5JR

                                September 25th     Louie Downey, AI4SW


                                August 7th              Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                August 14th            Ken Vickery, KI5JR

                                August 21st                 Chris Claytor, K5OOL

                                August 28th            Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD


                                July 3rd                          Chris Claytor, K5OOL

                                July 10th                 Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                July 17th                         Ken Vickery, KI5JR

                                July 24th                 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                July 31st                 Louie Downey, AI4SW


                                June 5th                          Chris Claytor, K5OOL

                                June 12th                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                June 19th                        Ken Vickery, KI5JR

                                June 26th                Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD




                                May 1st                          Ken Vickery, KI5JR

                                May 8th                  Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                May 15th                       Chris Claytor, K5OOL

                                May 22nd               Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                May 29th                Louie Downey, AI4SW



                                April 3rd                          Ken Vickery, KI5JR

                                April 10th                Chris Claytor, K5OOL

                                April 17th                       Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                April 24th                Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD


                                March 6th                   Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                March 13th            Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                March 20th                  Chris Claytor, K5OOL

                                March 27th            Ken Vickery, KI5JRY



                                        February 6th                   Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                        February 13th           Louie Downey, AI4SW

                                        February 20th                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                        February 27th           Chris Claytor, K5OOL


                                            January 2nd                     Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                            January 9th               Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                            January 16th                  Chris Claytor, K5OOL

                                            January 23rd            Ken Vickery, KI5JRY

                                            January 30th             Charles McReynolds, W5IAK  

 NET CONTROL     2022  

                                December 5th            Chris Claytor, K5OOL

                                December 12th      Ken Vickery, KI5JRY

                                December 19th        Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                December 26th      Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD


                                November 7th           Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                November 14th     Chris Claytor, K5OOL

                                November 21st        Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                November 28th     Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD


                                October 3rd                  Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                October 10th          Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                October 17th               Chris Claytor, K5OOL

                                October 24th          Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                October 31st                Ken Vickery, KI5JRY


                                September 5th       Ken Vickery, KI5JRY

                                September 12th    Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                September 19th     Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                September 26th     Charles McReynolds, W5IAK                                                                            


                                 August 1st              Ken Vickery, KI5JRY

                                August 8th              Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                August 15th            Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                August 22nd           Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                   August 29th            Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD


                                July 4th                   Ken Vickery, KI5JRY

                                July 11th                 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                July 18th                 Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                July 25th                 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK                                                         


                                June 6th                  Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                June 13th                Ken Vickery, KI5JRY

                                June 20th                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                June 27th                Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD


                                May 2nd                 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                May 9th                  Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                May 16th                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                May 23rd               Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                May 30th                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK


                                April 4th                  Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                April 11th                Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                April 18th                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                April 25th                Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD


                                March 7th               Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                March 14th            Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                March 21st             Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                March 28th            John Gleason, K5JVG


                                February 7th          Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                February 14th        Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                February 21st        Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                February 28th        John Gleason, K5JVG



                                 January 3rd              Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                          

                                January 10th          Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                January 17th          John Gleason, K5JVG

                                January 24th          Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                January 31st          Eddie Turner, KE5ZSL



NET CONTROL     2021


                                December 6th         Charles McReynolds, W5IAK                         

                                December 13th      John Gleason, K5JVG

                                December 20th      Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                December 27th      Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD


                                November 1st         Charles McReynolds, W5IAK                         

                                November 8th        Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                November 15th     Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                November 22nd     Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                November 29th    Charles McReynolds, W5IAK



                                October 4th              Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                October 11th          Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                October 18th          Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                October 25th          Eddie Turner, KE5ZSL


                                September 6th        Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                September 13th    Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                September 20th     Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                September 27th     Eddie Turner, KE5ZSL


                                August 2nd                 Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                August 9th              Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                August 16th            John Gleason K5JVG

                                August 23rd           Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                August 30th            Charles McReynolds, W5IAK


                                July 5th                        Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                July 12th                 Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                July 19th                 John Gleason K5JVG

                                July 26th                 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK


                                June 7th                        Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                June 14th                John Gleason K5JVG

                                June 21st                Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                June 28th                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK


                                May 3rd                         Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                May 10th                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                May 17th                John Gleason K5JVG

                                May 24th                Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                May 31st                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK



                                April 5th                        Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                April 12th                Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                April 19th                John Gleason K5JVG

                                April 26th                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK



                                March 1st                      Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                March   8th             Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                March 15th            John Gleason K5JVG

                                March 22nd            Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                March 29th            Charles McReynolds, W5IAK



                                February 1st               Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                February 8th          Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                February 15th        John Gleason K5JVG

                                February 22nd       Charles McReynolds, W5IAK



                                January 4th                  Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                January 11th          Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                January 18th          Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                January 25th          John Gleason K5JVG



       NET CONTROL     2020



                                December 7th            Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                December 14th      John Gleason K5JVG

                                December 21st      Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                December 28th       Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD   

                                November 2nd          Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                November 9th        Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                November 16th     Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                November 23rd     John Gleason K5JVG                         

                                November 30th     Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                October 5th                  Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                October 12th          Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                October 19th          John Gleason K5JVG                         

                                October 26th          Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                September 7th           Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                September 14th     Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                September 21st     John Gleason K5JVG                         

                                September 28th     Bob Dyer, WB5EAT



                                August 3rd                    John Gleason, K5JVG

                                August 10th            Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                August 17th            Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                          

                                August 24th            Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                August 31st            Bob Dyer, WB5EAT




                                July 6th                             Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                July 13th                 Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                July 20th                 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK                         

                                July 27th                 Bob Dyer, WB5EAT          


                                June 1st                   Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                June 8th `                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                June 15th                John Gleason, K5JVG

                                June 22nd               Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                June 29th                Bob Dyer, WB5EAT

                                May 4th                  Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                May 11th                Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                May 18th                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                May 25th                Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                 April 6th                  Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                April 13th                Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                April 20th                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                April 27th                Bob Dyer, WB5EAT



                                March 2nd              Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                March 9th               Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                March 16th            Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                March 23rd            Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                March 30th            Bob Dyer, WB5EAT



                                February 3rd          Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                February 10th        Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                February 17th        Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                February 24th        Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                January 6th                  Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                January 13th              Alan Wacha, KD5IZV

                                January 20th              Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                January 28th          Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


      NET CONTROL     2020

                                December 2nd        Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                December 7th            Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                December 16th         Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                December 23rd        Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                December 30th      Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                November 4th        Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                November 11th        Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                November 18th        Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                November 25th     Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                October 7th            Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                October 14th               Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                October 21st               Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                October 28th          Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                September 2nd       Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                September 9th           Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                September 16th       OPEN Taken By John Gleason K5JVG

                                September 23rd     Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                September 30th     Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                August 5th              Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                August 12th                  Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                August 19th                  Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                August 26th              Bob Dyer, WB5EAT



                                July 1st                    Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD            

                                July 8th                    Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                July 15th                      Bob Dyer, WB5EAT

                                July 22nd                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK               

                                July 29th                 Tom Wardell, KB5YUE


                                June 3rd                  Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD            

                                June 10th                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                June 17th                      Bob Dyer, WB5EAT

                                June 24th                Tom Wardell, KB5YUE                               


                                May 6th                 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK           

                                May 13th                Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                May 20th                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                 May 27th                Tom Wardell, KB5YUE                               


                                April 1st                  Charles McReynolds, W5IAK                                       

                                April 8th                  Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD            

                                April 15th                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                April 22nd                   Tom Wardell, KB5YUE

                                April 29th                Bob Dyer, WB5EAT                                        


                                March 4th               Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                                        

                                March 11th            Charles McReynolds, W5IAK           

                                March 18th            Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                March 25th                Joe Blaha, KA5IRR


                                February 4th              Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                                  

                                February 11th            Alan Wacha, KD5IZV     

                                February 18th               Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                February 25th             Joe Blaha, KA5IRR


                                January 7th               Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                                     

                                January 14th             Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                January 21st              Joe Blaha, KA5IRR

                               January 28th               Bob Dyer, WB5EAT

      NET CONTROL     2018  


                                December 3rd          Charles McReynolds, W5IAK                                    

                                December 10th        Tom Wardell, KB5YUE

                                December 17th             Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                December 24th        Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                December 31st        Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                November 5th          Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                                    

                                November 12th        Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                November 19th            Tom Wardell, KB5YUE

                                November 26th         Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                October 1st             Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                                       

                                October 8th             Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                October 15th           Joe Blaha, KA5IRR                

                                October 22nd          Bob Dyer, WB5EAT

                                October 29th          Tom Wardell, KB5YUE


                                September 3rd         Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                                     

                                September 10th       Joe Blaha, KA5IRR

                                September 17th       Charles McReynolds, W5IAK            

                                September 24th      Bob Dyer, WB5EAT                   


                                August 6th            Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                                        

                                August 13th          Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                August 20th          Tom Wardell, KB5YUE          

                                August 27th          Bob Dyer, WB5EAT                       


                                July 2nd                Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                                        

                                July 9th                 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                July 16th               Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW                       

                                July 23rd               Tom Wardell, KB5YUE

                               July 30th                Bob Dyer, WB5EAT                   


                                June 4th                 Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                                        

                                June 11th              Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW

                                June 18th              Charles McReynolds, W5IAK                  

                                June 25th              Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                May 7th                  Tom Wardell, KB5YUE                               

                                May 14th              Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                May 21st              Alan Wacha, KD5IZV              

                                May 28th              Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                April 2nd               Alan Wacha, KD5IZV                                   

                                April 9th               Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                April 16th             Joe Blaha, KA5IRR                     

                               April 23rd             Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                               April 30th             Bob Dyer, WB5EAT



                              March 5th               Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                              March 12th            Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                              March 19th            Joe Blaha, KA5IRR

                               March 26th            Bob Dyer, WB5EAT



                                February 5th         Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                                        

                                February 12th       Joe Blaha, KA5IRR

                                February 19th       Charles McReynolds, W5IAK                

                                February 26th       Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                January 1st              Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                                     

                                January 8th              Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                January 15th            Joe Blaha, KA5IRR              

                                January 22nd           Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                January 29th            Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


           NET CONTROL     2017  

                                December 4th             Charles McReynolds, W5IAK                                

                                December 11th           Tom Wardell, KB5YUE

                                December 18th           Bob Dyer, WB5EAT        

                                December 25th           Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD


                             November 6th            Tom Wardell, KB5YUE 

                             November 13th          Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                             November 20th          Charles McReynolds, W5IAK        

                             November 27th          Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                              October 2nd           Tom Wardell, KB5YUE        

                              October 9th           Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                              October 16th           Joe Blaha, KA5IRR                 

                              October 23rd         Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                              October 30th          Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                September 4th       Charles McReynolds, W5IAK               

                                September 11th      Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                September 18th      Joe Blaha, KA5IRR                 

                               September 25th      Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                August 7th            Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                

                                August 14th          Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                August 21st            Joe Blaha, KA5IRR                 

                                August 28th          Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                July 3rd                 Joe Blaha, KA5IRR                 

                                July 10th               Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                July 17th                   Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                July 24th               Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                July 31st                Bob Dyer, WB5EAT



                                June 5th               Joe Blaha, KA5IRR                 

                                June 12th             Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                June 19th                Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                June 26th             Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                May 1st                  Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                

                                May 8th                Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                May 15th                     Joe Blaha, KA5IRR

                                May 22nd            Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                May 29th                       Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                April 3rd                   Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                

                                April 10th                 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                April 17th                      Joe Blaha, KA5IRR

                                April 24th                       Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                March 6th               Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                

                                March 13th             Joe Blaha, KA5IRR

                                March 20th                 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                                March 27th                  Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                February 6th          Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                

                                February 13th       Joe Blaha, KA5IRR

                                February 20th           Bob Dyer, WB5EAT

                                February 27th            Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK


                                January 2nd           Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                

                                January 9th           Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                January 16th             Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                January 23rd              Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                January 30th              Bob Dyer, WB5EAT  

          NET CONTROL     2016


                                December 5th        Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK                

                                December 12th     Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                December 19th        Joe Blaha, KA5IRR

                                December 26th         Bob Dyer, WB5EAT                


                                November 7th        Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK                

                                November 14th     Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                November 21st        Joe Blaha, KA5IRR

                                November 28th        Bob Dyer, WB5EAT                


                                October 3rd            Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK                

                                October 10th               Joe Blaha, KA5IRR

                                October 17th               Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW

                                October 24th               Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK                

                                           October 31st               Gay Bradley, KE5MGO  


                               September 5th       Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                

                                September 12th       Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                September 19th       Bob Dyer, WB5EAT

                               September 26th     Joe Blaha, KA5IRR


                                August 1st              Bob Dyer, WB5EAT                

                                August 8th                    Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                August 15th                Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                August 22nd               Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK                

                                          August 29th             Joe Blaha, KA5IRR                                                                


                                July 4th                            Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW

                                July 11th                         Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                July 18th                        Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                July 25th                         Bob Dyer WB5EAT                                                                                         


                                June 6th                           Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW

                                June 13th                        Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                June 20th                        Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                June 27th                        Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                May 2nd                          Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                May 9th                           Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                May 16th                         Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW

                                May 23rd                         Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                           May 30th                   Bob Dyer, WB5EAT




                                April 4th                  Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                April 11th                    Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                April 18th                Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW

                                April 25th                Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                March 7th               Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                March 14th                Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW

                                March 21st             Bob Dyer, WB5EAT

                                March 28th            Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK


                                February 1st           Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                February 8th             Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW

                                February 15th        Gay Bradley, KE5MGO

                                February 22nd       Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                February 29th        Bob Dyer, WB5EAT


                                 January 4th            Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                January 11th             Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                January 18th          Bob Dyer, WB5EAT

                                January 25th          Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW


          NET CONTROL     2015

                                December 7th        Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                December 14th        Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW

                                December 21st      Bob Dyer, WB5EAT

                                December 28th      Gay Bradley, KE5MGO


                                November 2nd       Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                November 9th           Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                November 16th     Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                November 23rd     Bob Dyer, WB5EAT

                                November 30th     Gay Bradley, KE5MGO


                                October 5th            Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                October 12th               Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                October 19th          Bob Dyer, WB5EAT

                                October 26th          Gay Bradley, KE5MGO


                                September 7th        Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                September 14th        Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW

                                September 21st      Bob Dyer, WB5EAT

                                September 28th      Gay Bradley, KE5MGO



                                August 3rd            Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                August 10th               Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                August 17th          Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                August 24th          Bob Dyer, WB5EAT

                                August 31st          Gay Bradley, KE5MGO


                                July 6th                    Bob Dyer, WB5EAT

                                July 13th                 Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW

                                July 20th                 Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                July 27th                  Gay Bradley, KE5MGO


                                June 1st                   Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                June 8th                    Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                June 15th                   Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW

                                June 22nd                   Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                June 29th                 Gay Bradley, KE5MGO


                                May 4th                   Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                                May 11th                 Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                May 18th                  Bob Dyer, WB5EAT

                                May 25th                  Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW


                                April 6th                  Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW

                                April 13th                 Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

                                April 20th                 Gay Bradley, KE5MGO

                                April 27th                 Tom Wardell, KB5YUE


                                March 2nd           Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

                                March 9th            Bob Dyer WB5EAT                                    

        March 16th         Gay Bradley KE5MGO

                                March 23rd          Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

                                March 30th          Charlie McReynolds W5IAK


                                February 2nd           Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

                                February 9th            Bob Dyer WB5EAT                                    

        February 16th          Gay Bradley KE5MGO

                                February 23rd          Charlie McReynolds W5IAK


                                January 5th                  Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

                                January 12th          Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

                                January 19th          Gay Bradley KE5MGO

                                January 26th               Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW


NET CONTROL     2014


                                December 1st           Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

                                December 8th        Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

                                December 15th      Bob Dyer WB5EAT

                                December 22nd        Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

                                           December 29th      Gay Bradley KE5MGO


                                November 3rd       Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

                                November 10th         Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

                                November 17th         Bob Dyer WB5EAT

                                November 24th         Gay Bradley KE5MGO



                                October 6th            Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

                                October 13th          Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

                                October 20th          LaRue Fitzpatrick KF5ERW

                                October 27th          Bob Dyer WB5EAT



                                September 1st        Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

                                September 8th        LaRue Fitzpatrick KF5ERW

                                September 15th      Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

                                September 22nd     Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

                                September 29th      Bob Dyer WB5EAT




                         August 4th                  Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

                         August 11th               LaRue Fitzpatrick KF5ERW

                         August 18th               Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

                         August 25th               Tom Wardell KB5YUE


                        July 7th                  Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

                        July 14th                 LaRue Fitzpatrick KF5ERW

                         July 21st                 Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

                               July 28th                    Bob Dyer WB5EAT


                         June 2nd                             Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

                         June 9th                            Gay Bradley KE5MGO

                         June 16th                         Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

                         June 23rd                         Bob Dyer WB5EAT

                         June 30th               Gay Bradley KE5MGO


                        May 5th                           Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

                        May 12th                         Gay Bradley KE5MGO

                        May 19th                         Bob Dyer WB5EAT

                        May 26th                         Tom Wardell KB5YUE



                       April 7th                           Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

                        April 14th                        LaRue Fitzpatrick KF5ERW

                        April 21st                        Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

                                April 28th                           Bob Dyer WB5EAT


March 3rd                   Larry Schattel, KF5FNA

             March 10th                   Bob Dyer WB5EAT

             March 17th                   Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

             March 24th                Tom Wardell KB5YUE

                                    March 31st                       Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

                NET CONTROL     2013

    January 6th                   Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

                January 13th                   Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

                January 20th                   Tom Wardell KB5YUE

                January 27th                   Bob Dyer WB5EAT




    December 2nd                Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                December 9th                Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

                December 16th                Bob Dyer WB5EAT

                December 30th                Gay Bradley KE5MGO


                November 4th               Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

                November 11th             Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

                November 18th              Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

                November 25th               Bob Dyer WB5EAT




 October7th               Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

October 14th                Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

October 21st                Bob Dyer WB5EAT

October 28th                Charlie McReynolds W5IAK


September 2nd              Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

September 9th               LaRue Fitzpatrick KF5ERW

 September 16th            Tom Wardell KB5YUE

 September 23rd            Bob Dyer WB5EAT

  September 30th           Charlie McReynolds W5IAK



            Aug 5, 2013 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK 

            Aug 12, 2013 Bob Dyer, WB5EAT                                                     

Aug 19, 2013 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK                        

Aug 26, 2013 Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                        



            July 1 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK 

            July 8  Bob Dyer, WB5EAT                                                     

July 15  Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                        

July 22  Tom Wardell, KB5YUE

                July 29 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK                        


           May 27, 2013 Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW                         

           June 3, 2013 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK                        

June 10, 2013 Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                        

June 17, 2013 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK                        

June 24, 2013 Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                         


          April 22, 2013 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK                        

          April 29, 2013 Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW                        

          May 6, 2013 Tom Wardell, KB5YUE                         

          May 13, 2013 Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD                        

              May 20, 2013 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK               


          March 18, 2013 Cody Fitzpatrick, KF5RIY

          March 25, 2013 Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW 

           April 1, 2013 Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD 

           April 8, 2013 Bob Dyer, WB5EAT 

           April 15, 2013 Kelly Fitzpatrick, KF5FXU                        


            February 11, 2013 Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW 

            February 18, 2013 Bob Dyer, WB5EAT 

            February 25, 2013 Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW  

            March 4, 2013 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

                March 11, 2013 Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD


          January 7, 2013 Charles McReynolds, W5IAK                          

          January 14, 2013 Bob Dyer, WB5EAT                          

          January 21, 2013 Cody Fitzpatrick, KF5RIY            

          January 28, 2013 Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW

              February 4, 2013 Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD


            NET CONTROL     2012                 

           December 3, 2012   LaRue   Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW                          

           December 10, 2012  Bob Dyer, WB5EAT                          

           December 17, 2012  Jeff   Montgomery, WB4WXD            

           December 24, 2012  Cody Fitzpatrick, KF5RIY

           December 31, 2012  Jeff  Montgomery, WB4WXD




          October 15, 2012 – Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

          October 22, 2012 – Jeff  Montgomery, WB4WXD

          October 29, 2012 - Charles McReynolds, W5IAK

          November 5, 2012 – Jeff  Montgomery, WB4WXD

          November 12, 2012 – Bob Dyer, WB5EAT

          November 19, 2012 – Tom Wardell, KB5YUE

          November 26, 2012 – Charles McReynolds. W5IAK


           September 24,2012   Jeff  Montgomery, WB4WXD                                  

           October 1, 2012  LaRue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW                          

           October 8, 2012  Bob Dyer, WB5EAT                          

           October 15, 2012 Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

           October 22, 2012 Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

           October 29, 2012 Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK


           Sept  3   Larue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW                            

           Sept 10  Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK                      

           Sept 17  Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK                 


        ·          August 6 – Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

       ·          August 13 – Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

       ·          August 20 – Bob Dyer WB5EAT

       ·          August 27 – Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD


·          July 2nd   – Bat McReynolds KE5WEG

·          July 9th – Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

·          July 16th – Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

·          July 23rd – La Rue Fitzpatrick KF5ERW

·          July 30th – Tim Ronnebaum KE5ZKO

·          Aug 6th – Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD


·          June 4th  – Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

·          June 11th – Tim Ronnebaum KE5ZKO

·          June 18th – Bob dyer WB5EAT

·          June 25th – Charlie McReynolds



·          June 3-9 – Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

·          June 10-16 – Yvonne Galloway KE5CCY

·          June 17-23 – Herb Shugart KE5MGK

·          June 24-30 – Herb Shugart KE5MGK



·          May 7th – Tom Wardell KB5YUE

·          May 14th - Larry Schattel KF5FNA

·          May 21st - Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

·          May 28th – Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

·          June 4th – Tom Wardell KB5YUE


·          Apr 2nd  – LaRue Fitzpatrick KF5ERW

·          Apr 9th – Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

·          Apr 16th – Philip O’Neal KB5ULD with Tom Wardell KB5YUE

·          Apr 23rd – Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

·          Apr 30th – Charlie McReynolds W5IAK


·          March 12th – Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

·          March 19th – Philip O’Neal KB5ULD with Tom Wardell KB5YUE

·          March 26th – LaRue Fitzpatrick KF5ERW

·          April 2nd – Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD


·          Feb 6th – Larry Schattel KF5FNA

·          Feb 13th – LaRue Fitzpatrick KF5ERW

·          Feb 20th – Bob Dyer WB5EAT

·          Feb 27th – Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD


·          Jan 2nd – Tom Wardell KB5YUE

·          Jan 9th – Bob Dyer WB5EAT

·          Jan 16th – Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

·          Jan 23rd – Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

·          Jan 30th – Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

NET CONTROL     2011

·          Dec 5th  – Charles McReynolds W5IAK

·          Dec 12th – Philip O’Neal KB5ULD

·          Dec 19th – Marcy White KB5ULB

·          Dec 26th – Gary Cotton KC5CTY


·          Nov 7th – Charles Bledsoe KF5GON

·          Nov 14th – Larry Schattel KF5FNA

·          Nov 21st – Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

·          Nov 28th – Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD


·          Oct. 3rd – Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

·          Oct. 10th – Bob Dyer WB5EAT

·          Oct. 17th – La Rue Fitzpatrick KF5ERW

·          Oct. 24th – Gary Cotton KC5CTY

·          Oct. 31st – Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD 


·          Sep 12th –Taylor Montgomery  KE5KJK

·          Sep 19th - Larry Schattel  KF5FNA

·          Sep 26th Gary Cotton KC5CTY

·          Oct 3rd Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD


·          Aug 1st – Larry Myers K1OO

·          Aug 8th – Gary Cotton KC5CTY

·          Aug 15th – Marcy White KB5ULB

·          Aug 22nd  – Tom Wardell KB5YUE

·          Aug 29th –                             

·          Sep 5th – Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD


·          July 4th   – Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

·          July 11th – Larry Schattel KF5FNA

·          July 18th  –  Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

·          July 25th  – Tom Wardell KB5YUE


·          June 6th   – Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

·          June 13th – Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

·          June 20th  –  Gay Bradley KE5MGO

·          June 27th  – Tom Wardell KB5YUE


·          May 2nd   – Gay Bradley KE5MGO

·          May 9th – Gary Cotton KC5CTY

·          May 16th –  Bob Dyer WB5EAT

·          May 23rd  – Jeff Montgomery WB5WXD

·          May 30th  - Tom Wardell KB5YUE


·          Apr 4th  – Gary Cotton KC5CTY

·          Apr 11th – Larry Schattel KF5FNA

·          Apr 18th – Jeff Montgomery WB5WXD

·          Apr 25th – Charlie McReynolds W5IAK


·         Mar 7th  –  Larry Schattel KF5FNA / Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

·         Mar 14th – Charlie McReynolds W5IAK

·         Mar 21st – Bob Dyer WB5EAT

·         Mar 28th – Tom Wardell KB5YUE


·         Feb 7th  –  George Ure, AC7X

·         Feb 14th – Eddie Turner, KE5ZSL

·         Feb 21st – Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

·         Feb 28th – Gary Cotton, KC5CTY

·         Jan 3rd  –  Bob Dyer, WB5EAT

·         Jan 10th – Tom Wardell, KB5YUE

·         Jan 17th  – Charlie McReynolds, W5IAK

·         Jan 24th – Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

·         Jan 31st - Tom Wardell, KB5YUE  


NET CONTROL     2010

·         Dec 6th – Tom Wardell, KB5YUE

·         Dec 11th – Larry Shattel, KF5FNA

·         Dec 20th  – Jeff Montgomery, WB4WXD

·         Dec 27th –      LaRue Fitzpatrick, KF5ERW / Eddie Turner, KE5ZSL


·         Nov 8th – Larry Schattel

·         Nov 15th – Charles McReynolds/Eddie Turner

·         Nov 22nd  – Jeff Montgomery

·         Nov 29th –      Bob Dyer  


·         Oct 4th – Bob Dyer

·         Oct 11th – Jeff Montgomery

·         Oct 18th – Tom Wardell

·         Oct 25th – Charles Bledsoe/ Eddie Turner


·         Aug 2nd  – Bob Dyer

·         Aug 9th  –  Jeff Montgomery

·         Aug 16th  –  Larry Davis

·         Aug 23rd  –  Yvonne Galloway

·         Sept 6th – Joshua Currie

·         Sept 13th – Eddie Turner

·         Sept 20th – Bob Dyer


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